Simple hair knot style.

 Hello, hope you're having a good day. I've recently started doing a really easy hairstyle where my hair is down but the front section are out of my face which I love for school. You only need a brush or comb and a few hair slides depending on how thick your hair is. I need one for each side because of my thin hair but sometime a few stray strands need to be pinned.

You start with your hair brushed or you could curl it if you wanted, whatever you like. Take a triangle section from the front then split it into two strands. Tie a normal knot with them and pull them as tight as you want.

Once you have tied a knot add more hair to the two strands and tie another knot then pull it tight as you want. Pin the strands to your head. You can hide the pins under the knots you have made but it takes a fiddle and a bit of practice.

It should hopefully looked a bit like these pictures but the good thing about this style is that you can change it to suit you.
Have fun with it.


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