A tad of Tartan.


So some people may be looking at these photos and think why is she wearing a picnic blanket?! I like wearing a little tartan I have to say. I do thinks its like Marmite. You either love it or you hate it. I love my red scarf because its a colour that goes with just about everything in my winter wardrobe and i wear my big blue coat nearly everyday; I bought it in a size up so its really warm and snuggley. (That's not a word)

I bought this dress last year in Meadow Hall in Sheffield and its a bit worn out because of the amount of wear it has gotten. I tend to only buy clothes that I know that i will really wear because for one I can't afford to buy a ton of stuff and two i hate neglecting my possessions. I'm weird like that.


I'm wearing.
Blue tartan dress from Primark.
Primark tights.
Grey socks. (To keep my toes warm)

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