Nothing to wear!

'I have nothing to wear!' Is what I say nearly every morning which shows how over dramatic I am. Due to this ridiculous statement I have put together a simple outfit for these exact moments so I don't need to empty my draws and wardrobe and then put together random outfits that make me look like clown. 

My sister bought this top for me because she knows me so well and I really love it because it says exactly what's going on. I put it together with a classic and simple leather jacket which is great for this time of year because it can keep at a normal temperature no matter what the weather throws at me. 
I've had these jeans for years and I have a real love hate relationship with them. On the one hand they fit terribly and I feel like they are completely unflattering , but then on the other people always compliment them and say I should wear them more often. So what's a girl to do? However they are quite comfy because they fit so badly so they are great for a busy day.

I just pair the whole outfit with simple black Asos shoes which haven't survived the way I wanted which is my own fault, but I still love them. 

What go to outfits do you have? 


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