To be honest, I never thought there would be a picture of my bra on my blog, but how times change.  There are many things in life that never go your way, but I'm determined that finding a comfy bra won't be one of them. I've seen and heard so many friends complain about their pain and badly fitting bras and up until I went shopping in  Debenhams.
I had heard about Gossard before, but I had never tried shopping there, however I was in Medow Hall which is a very large mall about an hour or so from me. I was very tired and hadn't bought anything through out the day, so I was slightly sulky. But it all ended well when I found this lovely blue bra.

When I tried it on I knew it was perfect and I just want to share the amazingness of Gossard with you all. When I love something a lot I want to rave about it to everyone, but it's a bit awkward to bring that up in a conversation. 
I could make a very long list about why I love this bra, but I'll just say a few. 
It's really pretty.
It fits perfectly.
To be more specific the straps don't fall off my shoulders! Yay!
And it was in the sale. Even better.
Im sorry that this is a short post, but I'm a little swamped in exams. 


  1. There are few things better than finding a bra that you like! I'm glad you found one that suits you so well :) And that you day could be lifted a bit! Also, fun fact, the straps don't fall off your shoulders because it fits you properly in the band! I did a lot of bra research last year, haha ;)


    1. I had no idea. That will be my new fun fact. :) x

  2. Nothing is better than a perfectly fitting bra! :]

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