Everyday sixth form makeup.

Hello, I've finished my first week of sixth form! My school doesn't really allow makeup, so I have to keep it simple. I'm not dependent on makeup go make me happy, but it can give me a boost of conifedence on a cold rainy school morning. 

Since going on holiday I've had to use a darker shade of foundation so I don't have a ghostly face compared to my body. I'm using the Rimmel wake me up foundation which has been raved about for years and years. I can totally see why, my skin can get spotty so the coverage this gives is great because it's not cakes if you know what I mean. I put some concealer on to hide any blemishes and my fAce is almost done. I do a quick powder with the bronzer, blusher and normal powder making sure it is a very light brush over

I really like my eyebrows (it's a weird thing to like I know) I don't pluck them and they stay put. I fill them in and I'm done. I've been told over and over not to over pluck so I'm being a good girl and staying clear of the tweezers. 

I curl my eyelashes and add mascara making sure it's nothing too dramatic. I try to keep the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible so it looks subtle. I finish of with Vaseline and a lip crayon. And I'm good to go.

Most the products and where to find them are here.

I've done a review on the mascara here

Piparivahtiperhonen Regular


  1. Great post! I love that you leave your eyebrows alone, I don't touch them either :)


    1. My older sister always tells me that they are fine and I'll regret it if I fiddle with them :)

  2. Nice Post !
    You put it in a nutshell ;-)
    Bye xx