To exercise or not to exercise?

Hello, this is a chatty one. Sorry it's late but I was doing my practice duke of Edinburgh award this weekend. I wanted to talk about doing a little bit of exercise to be healthy. I don't want to sound hypocritical or anything else because I trust me, when I'm not doing a hobby or school, I am the laziest so and so ever. I was inspired by my new trainers that i bought from Tesco for £12! I'm really not bothered by sports brands but i wanted some that looked nice, so getting pink trainers for such a cheap price was great. (And yes i know how bright they are)

I was inspired by the campaign 'this girl can'. It got me thinking that I'm not very fit, but I do try. I may be rubbish at running, but I can do other things. I have done ballet, tap and modern since I was 5 and I love it because I am surrounded by my friends doing the same activity. I tend to wear black leggings and a t-shirt; both are from Primark except when doing dance when i wear the uniform.
I find doing a doing exercise with friends makes it so much more fun and exercise does improve your mood. I used to think 'how can freezing cross country improved my mood?!' but playing a relaxed game of tennis with my friends makes feel great. I'm not interested in losing weight from exercise but just getting fit and being healthier. Do you like any exercise or do you avoid it like the plague?


  1. I need to exercise more, and I am going too.
    I think it all helps you feel good from the inside out.

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    1. I'm exactly the same, but I do think having pink trainers helps. ;)