Hoarddrobe to wardrobe.

Hello, since spring is now here I tided up and the thing i really needed to face was m wardrobe because it had become more of a hoarddrobe (sorry, excuse the attempted pun).

 This year I'm trying really hard to buy only clothes I need or clothes that will go in many outfits if that makes sense. When I was tidying I went with the rule 'if i hadn't worn it in the last year then it had to go.' Not all my clothes are in my wardrobe because of the lack of space so from the left is my school uniform, jumpers, sleeveless tops, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, skirts, trousers,  day dresses, evening dresses and then random things like a sixties like dress from a sixties party.

Hanging things up has made a massive difference to how i get dressed in the morning because first of all I can see everything and everything can be accessed quickly. I would really suggest doing this to anyone and plus giving your old clothes to charity really does make a difference to other people's lives. 
As i can not take pictures of all my clothes; i have picked out some current favorites from each section to talk about.

Both these items are from Primark and are great for this spring, because in my opinion wont really go out of styles and are very light so you can be cool in summer without having to show a lot of skin. I can pair them with jeans or skirts and dress them up or down.

I acquired this skirt a couple of years ago from International in a sale. I love the colour and the fit. I think it was around the £10 mark which is fantastic so I just had to get it. I tend to wear this  to more formal places like church because I'm not sure how to make it look less formal yet, but im going to have a go.

This jumper is from New Look and i have owned it for about 5 years which say it all really. This thin knit is fantastic for cool summer evenings or for layering up for winter. Well black jeans are classic and they don't need a lot of explanation to why they are a favorite of mine, but they are a little worn from being well worn a lot.

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