My simple and quick makeup.


 First of all I am in no way a professional when it comes to make, but I do enjoy wearing it and how it can transform me on some days. Most these products are Rimmel because how they look on me, they don't break me out and they are not expensive. I do not wear this makeup everyday, usually just the week days. On the weekends I try to more adventurous. ( Try being the key word) On a regular basis I want to wear makeup, but get it done quickly because I have stuff to do and places to be; usually school. 

The foundation I wear most of the time is the Rimmel Match Perfection in shade Ivory. I'm not which i love more; the Match Perfection or Wake Me Up, but my Wake Me Up is currently too dark for me. I don't usually go for the close to orange face and paler than paper body look. I go over my face with my Rimmel powder which has translucent powder, bronzer and blusher which is soooo useful for when you are rushed for time.

For eyes I curl my eyelashes then swipe my eye lids with the Rimmel scandleyes eye shadow stick, the colour is called 'Bluffing'. I use my eye shadow pallet  to put a pale creamy colour in the inner corners of my eyes to high light them. (My fancy terminology) I line my upper lash line with liquid eye liner and them put on a few coats of mascara.

I brush through my brows and fill in the sparse areas with brown eye shadow from the palette and finish the look off with Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in a light pink shade which is 33.

This makeup.
Match Perfection Foundation.
(I couldn't find the exact.)
Eye shadow stick
Eye shadow palette
Eye liner
Lip stick


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